"We just love working with people where nothing is too much trouble, no deadline seems unachievable and “can do” attitudes, which is exactly what Junction15 have.


We can be a demanding client and often work to tight deadlines, at unsociable times – they have never let us down".

- Trentham Estate

"The reaction to the film is fantastic! Everyone is over the moon that we’ve got a video that perfectly sums up the day."

-  The Prince's Regeneration Trust

over 11 million hits

on our music videos



"Every exciting part of our events are captured by the team, and their excellence in the editing gives each event a story that goes far beyond a run of the mill documentary.


Despite the pressure of interviewing the biggest names in UK politics, they always deliver the goods with professionalism and creativity"

- Harris Bokhari OBE - Patchwork Foundation


60 international young leaders aged 25-35 to participate in a two week residential training conference, featuring world-renowned leadership trainers and speakers to develop leadership skills to make a positive impact in their local communities.

Each year we spend 5 weeks in Cambodia with Epic Arts working with their able and disabled students to produce films that change perception of disability as well as issues such as access to toilets, healthcare and sexual health.


Together, we partnered with UNICEF to produce a Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk" parody music video which was broadcast nationally on Cambodian TV and currently has over 225k views on YouTube.




citizenAID - Public Immediate Actions

                      Terrorist Bombing Scenario



New Vic Theatre

Staffordshire Hoard Film Trailer

Prince's Trust Mosaic Network

International Leadership Conference, Jordan/London

Inspirational Documentary Films

"Working with Junction 15 has been an absolute pleasure.


We often have to meet the needs an impossible range of audiences. And without fail, the quality of the video output has been brilliant.


I have been particularly impressed with their ability to evolve with the times to meet the demands of an ever-changing digital information-sharing environment."

- Prince's Trust Mosaic Network

Lord Rumi Verjee visited Za'atari, the world's largest Syrian refugee camp to see how the incredible work of UNHCR and to meet amazing people.


The initiatives the Rumi Foundation supports are diverse, but all share the same goal of humanitarian work through education and innovation.


Macellaio RC Italian Restaurant

Website Front Page Film

Over the course of 6 days we shot in Sicily, Italy and London to show the whole process of what makes Macellaio RC the most unique Italian restaurant in the UK.


​Blue Fin Tuna in Sicily, Cows and Truffles from Alba, all lovingly packaged by the tattooed Macellaio (Butcher) himself, Roberto Costa.

"FANTASTIC job! what you have put together is simply more than I ever envisaged and speaking on behalf of the rest of my team, thank you for your endless support, input and flexibility"


The New Vic Theatre asked us to produce a film-style 'trailer' to promote their five-week festival of new work inspired by and celebrating the Staffordshire Hoard.


The trailer reimagines the story of how the hoard came to be found using cinematic camera styles, period costumes and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack.


Ian Knapper

Documentary with a difference

From a prehistoric block of stone to an elegant staircase this film goes behind the scenes at Ian Knapper stonemasons to show the craftsmanship that goes into each beautiful staircase.


We used a classical soundtrack and multiple split screens to bring a fresh perspective on the whole process.

Wink Designs Dancewear 

Branded Content  Online Commercial

The contrast between light and dark sets the tone for our second branded content commercial for international dancewear company Wink.

Chiaroscuro played at the leading dance/fitness competitions throughout the globe, including a screening in Las Vegas, Texas and Australia.

We produced Zombie Boot Camp's latest film trailer for their brand new experience 'Alien Experience'.


As huge Alien and Predator fans, we wanted to invoke the feeling of terror for what lies within the shadows on a dark spaceship and the horror of facing off with an alien species.


The shoot involved set building, space marine and alien costumes, pyrotechnics and weapons and a lot of smoke!


To the right you can also watch a short 'making of' film - for more behind the scenes films go to our Facebook.

"I have worked with Junction15 Productions for a number of years, both in my roles with The Princess Regeneration Trust and with Burleigh. 

Darren and his team are highly professional and offer a bespoke service that always delivers results. He quickly develops a great rapport with clients and seems to instinctively understand what the client needs. Equally, he knows when to be hands on, and just as important, when to be hands off. 

I would not hesitate in recommending Junction15 Productions."

- Steven Moore, Prince's Regeneration Trust Ambassador &

Creative Director at Burleigh Pottery

"Working with Junction 15 was an absolute pleasure.


Extremely professional and talented, they made the process easy and enjoyable.


They understood the brief from the outset and contributed extremely valuable insight which resulted in a super special film that became an excellent selling tool and achieved great viewing figures on our social media channels."

- Portmeirion Group 

It’s thirty years since The National Garden Festival saw the former Shelton Bar steelworks site landscaped to form a new green space in the heart of the city. Thirty acres of the original site now remain as a mature park and woodland


Stoke-on-Trent arts organisations came together to commemorate this landmark event in the history of the city’s regeneration.


Junction 15 was tasked with producing a short film of the 3 day event and what a magical experience we had making it!

The Lost Gardens of Stoke-on-Trent


Burleigh x Harrods

Social Media Film

We worked with Burleigh to produce a short social media film premiering their brand new pattern 'Black Regal Peacock' at Harrods.


The film takes the audience through the production process and incorporates beautiful lifestyle images of finished pieces.

Trentham Gardens

 Branded Content Social Media Film


We have been making Trentham Garden's films for over 5 years and our latest project together has been our most successful.


A series of 3 short films tells the stories of Pirates, Fairies and Adventurers!


"Fairies" reached over 200k people on Facebook and had over 50k views in 48 hours, showing off the power of online video!


Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat

Website & Social Media Film

Za'atari Syrian Refugee Camp

Rumi Foundation Documentary

Zombie Boot Camp's

Alien Experience

Branded Content Film Trailer

CitizenAID believe that being prepared really matters.


Those first 5 minutes count, they make the difference, you make the difference. You can save lives.


With the right skills and knowledge YOU can deliver care to yourself , your friends and family and to the stranger caught up in a terrorist attack.


Junction15 worked with RAM Training to produce this 7 minute film following the immediate aftermath of a suicide bombing and the various improvised techniques that can be used to save lives.


The shoot involved medical professionals, special effects make-up artists, pyrotechnics and 40 actors, some with amputations.


"I was hoping for a good film. Instead, I got a great film. Junction 15 'got it' from the start. We had a difficult subject matter to get across, how the public should react after a bomb with casualties, but Junction 15 were creative and adaptable during both the filming and editing to get the message across with high impact. On time, on budget. I look forward to working with Junction 15 again in the near future."


Brigadier Tim Hodgetts CBE

co-Founder, citizenAID


Learn more at citizenaid.org

Moddershall oaks required 2 short films

to advertise their spa and wedding venue



We knew that just filming what was on

offer wasn't enough, instead we needed

to capture how it feels to spend the day

at Moddershall and how perfect someone's

wedding day can be in such an amazing